Members of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling

More than 150 companies and supporting members are signed members of CAER. 

Together, we operate about 300 processing facilities in 37 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.


The Coalition for American Electronics Recycling represents U.S. companies that believe electronics recycling should be performed securely and sustainably, to protect national security and for the benefit of the American economy. We are committed to growing an American industry with the capacity to manage the volume of e-waste generated within our borders, creating good jobs and expanded trade.


Steering Committee Members



States with Facilities

1 Green Planet Washington
3R Network Inc. California
4th Bin New York
Abington Reldan Metals, LLC Pennsylvania
ABM System & Recycling Surplus, Inc. Texas
Advanced Technology Recycling Illinois, New York
AER Worldwide California, South Carolina, Texas
AK Recycling California
Alcoa Multiple
All Green Electronics Recycling, LLC California (3), District of Columbia, New York, Colorado, Florida, Massachusets, Missouri, Oregon, Texas
All Goods Electronics Recycling California
Altech Texas
American E-cycling Washington
AnythingIT New Jersey, Florida
Apto Solutions Georgia, Texas, California
Arrow Asset Alliance Florida
Asset LifeCycle Kansas (2)
AVA Recycling Illinois, Ohio
AVR Recycling California
B.W. Recycling Florida
Cal Ewaste Recycle California
Cal Micro Recycling California
Capstone Wireless Texas
Cleanlites Recycling Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina

CLR Solutions LLC

New Jersey
CoastTec Maryland
Coastal Recycling  Centers California
Colt Refining and Recycling New Hampshire (2), New York
COM2 Recycling Solutions Illinois
CompuCycle Texas
Computer Recycling Missouri
Computer Recycling Central Oklahoma
Computer Recycling Services of South Florida  Florida
Covanta Multiple
DataServ USA, Inc. New Jersey
Dcal Services LLC Missouri
Desert Computer Solutions Arizona
DestructData, Inc. Illinois, Massachusetts
DG Global California
DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. Arizona
DTC Computer Supplies California
Dynamic Recycling Wisconsin
Earth Friendly Recycling Washington
Ecotech Data Solutions, LLC New Jersey
e-Cycle Ohio
eCycleBest Nevada
eForce Compliance Pennsylvania
eGreenITsolutions Arizona
Electronic Recyclers Int'l. California, Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, Texas, North Carolina
Electronic Salvage Depot Florida
eLoop Pennsylvania
Emerald City Tech Washington
Environmental Conversion Recycling California
EPC Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas
eRecycler Texas
e-Recycling of California California
eSCO Processing and Recycling Arkansas
E-Tech Management (USA) California
E-Waste Management Arizona
eWaste Tech Systems Virginia
E-Waste US Electronic Recycling California
Exit Technologies Florida (2)
Extreme Recycling Kansas, California
Genie Technologies Virginia
Glencore California, Rhode Island
Global Electric Electronic Recycling (GEEP) Michigan, North Carolina, Texas
GreenBuyback New Jersey
Green Citizen California (4)
Green Mouse Recycling California
GreenPrint Recycling Texas
Green Spot Drop Off California, New Jersey, Texas
Greene Lyon Group Massachusetts
Green Secure California
greensense California
Guzu, Inc. New York
Hugo Neu Corp. New York
Hugo Neu Recycling New York, Connecticut
ICT Asset Recovery Massachusetts
I Global Asset Management  California
Image Microsystems Texas
Ingram Micro Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Washington
Isidore Electronics Recycling California
IT Renew Texas, Virginia, California
James Mejia Company  
JQ Recycling Florida
JSI Metal & Electronics Recycling Arkansas
Keystone Technology Management Pennsylvania
Kuuasakosi/Vintage Tech Illinois, Pennsylvania
Lifespan Technology Recycling Colorado, Nebraska, California, Florida, New Hampshire
Liquid Technology New York
LogTech New Jersey
Metalwave Massachusetts
Metech Recycling Massachusetts, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Utah, Nebraska
Midwest Material Recovery Missouri
Midrange Repair and Parts Illinois
MPC Minnesota, Pennsylvania
Natural Evolution Oklahoma, New Mexico
Newtech Recycling New Jersey
Nova Terra Puerto Rico (2)
Novotech Recycling Ohio
Nulife Glass NY New York
Onsite Electronics Recycling California
Outback Equipment California
Paragon Communications Massachusetts
Pathway to Freedom Virginia
PCMCI Solutions Inc. California Kansas
PlanITROI New Jersey
Prime Recycling Group Virginia
PSC Metals Ohio (17), Pennsylvania (2), Kentucky (2), Indiana, Tennessee (10), Missouri (9), Georgia, Arkansas, Illinois
R3eWaste Arizona
Re-LCD  Texas
Reclamere Pennsylvania
Recycle Force Indiana
Refreshtek Florida
ReliaTech California (2)
RenovoData Services Minnesota 
RepowerIT Georgia
Reworx and Nobis Works Georgia
RNA Worldwide Missouri, Illinois
ROUND2 INC. An Avnet Company Texas (2), Georgia, Ohio
S3 Asset Management Tennessee
Sage Sustainable Electronics Ohio, New York, Nevada, Maryland
SecondWave Recycling California Texas
SES Secure E-Waste Solutions California
Simba Recycling California
Sims Recycling Solutions California (3), Illinois (2), Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee
SMS Assembly Florida
Spectrum Ecycle Solutions Missouri
Sunshine Electronics Recycling Florida
Swift Tech Buy Wisconsin
TDR Electronic Recycling California
TechnoCycle Texas (1)
techr2 Ohio
Technology Conservation Group Florida, Kentucky, Oregon
Tekovery, Inc. New York
Tumalo Creek Transportation Minnesota, Florida
Universal Recycling Technologies Wisconsin, New York, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Texas, Oregon
Valley City Environmental Svcs. Michigan
Vanguard Environmental New York
Viatek Solutions Arizona, Florida, Georgia
Vibrant Technologies Minnesota
Waste Management Recycle America Multiple
Waste to Green North Carolina
WisetekUSA Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Virginia
Yorktown Recycling New York

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Supporting Members



American Sustainable Business Council
Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers
ERAI, Inc.
Friendly Earth International
Lintech Components
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
SLAB Watchdog
TERRA - The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance
Wisconsin Council on Recycling